Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms of

Live Music in Cartagena

An epic night awaits

Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms of

Live Music
in Cartagena

An epic night awaits

At Pizzeria Aguanile, you can experience live music in Cartagena every night of the week! Salsa music is the heart of our restaurant. We offer an atmosphere filled with good Latin vibes, combined with the best food and drinks, ensuring an unforgettable night for the rest of your life!

Salsa Decorations

Salsa Themed

A visit to our restaurant offers not only an auditory feast, with live music in Cartagena, but also a visual delight. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere created by our authentic and vibrant salsa-inspired decorations. Don't forget to charge your camera, as you'll undoubtedly want to capture the moment with a few selfies.

Best Italian food in Cartagena

Gourmet Pizza

We have named our pizzas in honor of the great salsa musicians in history. Our goal is to offer a fresh and original Italian fusion cuisine of the highest quality, providing the ultimate Pizzeria Aguanile experience for your taste buds. But don't just take our word for it. Discover what our clients have to say about us by checking our reviews on TripAdvisor or Google.

Gigantic Cocktails

Gigantic Mojitos

We offer a combination of live music in Cartagena, fantastic food, and a lively atmosphere where people dance and enjoy themselves. And this extends to our cocktail creations, which are truly thrilling and unique. While we do offer traditional cocktails, why not get adventurous and try our Gigantic Mojito? We call it the Almighty, named after Hector Lavoe's classic Salsa song "El Todopoderoso."

An Experience for All Your Senses

We take pride in providing legendary service, but above all, we aspire to be a place of joy and excitement for the whole family. Whether it's a romantic evening, a birthday celebration, or any other special occasion with your loved ones, we want to create an environment that fosters fun and memorable moments.

Live Music in Cartagena

Live Music in Cartagena

We strive to create a memorable experience that surprises and delights all your senses, not just your taste buds. That's why we proudly present one of the best bands performing live music in Cartagena, happening every night!

Our culinary offerings are equally exciting. We skilfully craft Italian fusion cuisine using the highest quality and always fresh ingredients.

We encourage you to fully immerse yourself in our epic live music in Cartagena. Feel free to surprise yourself and others by joining the dance, making a proposal, or even showcasing your musical talents (if you can sing or play an instrument). Join the band and be part of the magic we create together!

Cocktails 2X1

2X1 Monday to Thursday
All night long
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Starting from $25,900

Live Music in Cartagena

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